About FTA

Financial Trading Academy (FTA) was founded by professional traders who actually trade for a living.

They focus on trading Monday to Friday, when the financial markets are open. When the markets are closed, they share their passion for trading with other people. They teach students their personal trading strategies that they themselves apply profitably to make money from the markets.

FTA originally started life as Knowledge To Trade. The company has since gone from strength to strength and coached hundreds of students, majority of whom are now trading successfully.  FTA has recently recruited a new trader coach – Steve Mackinnon, who was personally coached by the founders.

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Why trade for a living?

Imagine having no boss, no commuting, no staff and no overheads (apart from the cost of broadband).

Trading offers you the financial freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Want to trade from a cafe after picking up the kids? No problem. Want to trade from a beach in Dubai? That’s absolutely fine.

If that is not enough, other benefits include:

  • Tax-free profits under current UK tax laws
  • Profit from a rising or falling market
  • Only ever risk 1% of your capital
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How much does it all cost?

Our flagship Forex in a Weekend course starts from just £497.  The course is suitable for both beginners and intermediate traders.

One of FTA’s senior traders will spend an entire weekend with you and provide face to face training. The course covers the basics of trading, how to read currency charts and chart patterns and quickly accelerates to covering 5 trading strategies.

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Forex or Shares?

At FTA, we teach our students something known in the industry as “technical analysis”. This means that you can apply it to any instrument – be it forex, stocks, indices, commodities, futures or even options.

Our course content can be applied to all financial instruments – in fact, one can apply it to anything that can be traded.

Don’t have time to trade (or don’t want to trade)? That is absolutely fine  – once you have learnt the basics of trading from the Forex in a Weekend course, you can attend our Automated Trading course and learn how to put your trading on auto-pilot.

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About FTA

Based in Mayfair, the heart of London, Financial Trading Academy aims to be the gold standard in introducing and coaching newcomers to the exciting world of Financial Trading.

For seasoned traders, we offer the FX Masters Programme, Commodities and Futures Programme and the Automated Trading Programme.

Why Choose Us

  • We actually trade for a living, unlike most of our competitors
  • Learn from real life traders, not from full-time “coaches” who have no real-world experience
  • Learn at your pace. If you quickly master the basics, join our FX Masters Programme